Thursday, January 7, 2010


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ORPHANED FOAL (Jan 7, 2010):
First the BLM traumatizes this foal by chasing him with helicopters to remove him from his home on the range. Somehow, inquiries have been submitted to BLM, this foal was separated from his mother - forcing this young calf to be on his own. Then he was trucked for hours, with other captured horses, to a holding facility where he was put in a pen with two mare/foal pairs. After he bonded with one of the mares - standing near her for comfort and security - the BLM then pulls him away from this mare and puts him by himself in a pen. Once again the BLM claims to be doing this for the "benefit" of the horses. What a sad and tragic story.; W./S. Lamm, Jan. 2, 2010 orphan foal on the left

Update from Willis Lamm, January 7, 2010: 
John Neill promised to provide an update on the "Calico orphan." I received the following report this morning.

Willis, just a quick update on the orphan. He has been gaining strength each day. We did relocate him to an adjacent holding pen next to the pairs in order to provide him more nutrition than he would consume through oat hay. He presently has both oat hay and alfalfa along with BLM formulated pellets for foals. Dr. Sanford and I continue to monitor the health of the animals each day.

orphan to left (click on photo to see entire photo)

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