Monday, February 1, 2010

UPDATE on Downed Mare Killed

UPDATE on Jan 21 posting:

Mare Killed After Downed on 4-Hour Truck Ride From Trap to Holding Facility

BLM states that yet another mare died at the Fallon holding facility after being downed in the trailer probably for hours. Upon arrival at the holding facility she was found down and subsequently died. She was likely trampled as the horses are packed tightly into the transport trucks. 

02/01/10 UPDATE: The contractor indicates that this mare was packed with up to 13 other horses in a compartment on the truck and that they load up to 39-40 horses per truck load. Because the BLM refuses to photo- or video-document horses they kill we will never have evidence that this downed horse in the trailer was not trampled, kicked or sustained injuries because she could not stand. The contractor claims this horse did not sustain injuries from being downed in the truck for hours or when the other horses were removed from the truck. 

No photos have been provided of this mare after she was removed from the truck.
No members of the public were allowed to observe any of the Jan 21 roundup and public observation at the Fallon holding facility is severely restricted to specific hours on specific days. 

On Jan 26, 2010 long-time BLM rep Lilly Thomas told public observers at the Fallon holding facility that she does not want wranglers, vets or BLM folks taking the time to take photos of animals they are going to kill.

NOTE: To be clear, Lilly Thomas was not suggesting the horses be killed, she only said that of the horses who were "euthanized" (for humane proposes - i.e. too weak or injured) she did not want her wranglers or vets carrying cameras to document the conditions of the horses.