Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BLM Changes Story

Feb 3, 2010: The public observers were told the roundup was canceled today. Judging from the (limited) information provided by the BML it seems they are having difficulties finding horses. The BLM is now claiming the horses are moving so much that they needed to fly the entire complex to find the horses and are planning to work with other field offices (specifically Surprise, CA) to plan future roundups. The BLM did not mention to observers yesterday that a mare was killed as is now being reported on the BLM website.

Meanwhile the BLM and cattle rancher Interior Secretary Ken Salazar are pushing the Obama's plan to increase by $12 million the Wild Horse and Burro program and give Salazar $42.5 million to buy his first "mid-west preserve" so that the BLM can continue to remove horses from the west to be stockpiled in zoo-like "pastures" in the mid-west. Basically Obama's plan is business as usual and the BLM will continue to serve the special cattle ranching interests. For more information click here.