Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roundups canceled Mon-Wed

Roundups canceled for Mon-Wed; Death Toll Rises

While forbidding the public to observe all aspects of this government operation, the BLM is now releasing select information pertaining to deaths, some previously unannounced, resulting from the Calico roundup.

We now learn that on Jan 23 a mare, at the holding facility, was stressed and struggled so much that she "ran into a gate and broke her neck." We are also now told that a stallion was found dead in a pen on Jan 14 (note: BLM waited 11 days to announce this death) and attributed his death to "failure to adjust to a change in feed." BLM does not reveal how long either of these horses were at the facility. For the BLM's latest laundry list of deaths and rationalizations click here.

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